Changing Linked Social Accounts

There are two possible areas where you can configure a social account in BrandChamp: 

1) Links in your profile

Profile area

Profile link

Note: social links in this area are for display purposes only - we don't use the account you have listed here when we show you previews of your social posts. For that, see below.

2) Linked Accounts

Account area

In the "Account" area of your BrandChamp portal, you will see a "Linked Accounts" section. If you have previously use the "Pick from posts" feature in the app to show your previous posts, you will have been prompted to link a social account. Those linked social accounts will be displayed here.
If you want to change the linked account, see below for platform-specific instructions.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

For these accounts, you can remove the currently linked account by going to your account settings in the BrandChamp app and clicking to remove the account from the "Linked Accounts" section, as shown below.

After that the next time you click to pick a post you will be prompted to link an account again and you can choose the correct one.

If you cannot see the correct account when you are prompted to link an account, please make sure you are logged into the expected social account in the browser before opening the BrandChamp portal.

Removing Facebook Access

If you wish to completely remove BrandChamp's access to your Facebook account, you can do so by visiting the Settings area in your Facebook account, going to "Apps and Websites", and clicking to remove access as shown below.