Linking to a Website or Social Media Post

There are 2 possible ways to share a link to a social media post. Some of these may or may not be available depending on how the activity has been configured:

  1. Automatically select from your previous posts
  2. Manually paste a link to an existing post

1. Automatically select from previous posts

When you scroll down from the activity instructions, you can click the "Pick" buttons to select from your previous posts on each platform.

After authenticating your account, you will be able to browse your recent posts and simply click to select the post you want to submit. That will pre-fill the URL for you and you just have to click "Submit". Easy!

2. Manually paste link to existing post

If you have an existing post, you can also manually copy and paste a link to it. Each platform has a slightly different way to do that but we'll list some common ones below.

Once you've copied the link, paste it into the Link box: 

You will see a preview of the post by scrolling down so you can make sure you've got the right one.

Note: If it's a private post, you won't be able to see a preview - that's expected. Private posts may or may not be allowed depending on the rules of the program you're a part of.

Click "Submit" to complete the activity. An administrator will then review your post.

Copying link to an Instagram Post

In Mobile App

Click the 3 little dots up the top of your post:

Select "Copy Link" from the menu that opens:

Copying link to a Facebook Post

In Mobile App

Tap the little down arrow at top right of post:

Select "Copy Link: from menu:

On Website

Click the date time link on the post:

That will open the post in it's own page. You can copy the URL shown in the browser:

Copying link to a Twitter Post

In Mobile App

Click the little down arrow up the top right of Tweet:

Select "Copy Link" from the menu that opens: