BrandChamp Portal Overview

Creating Your Profile

Welcome to BrandChamp!

The BrandChamp ambassador portal is where you register and log in as an ambassador to:

* Complete your profile

* see all the fun activities that are available for completion

* Get your personalized referral link and/or discount code to earn rewards from referral sales

* use points that you've earned to claim awesome rewards from the brand

Once you log into your BrandChamp portal, the first step you can take is to create your profile!

To create your profile click the grey image next to your name.

In the “Profile” section of your profile complete the following

  1. Add an image of yourself
  2. Where you are from
  3. Bio
  4. Social media platforms. 

After finishing your “Profile”, click the “Save” button.

Let’s now complete your “Account” info. To fill out your “Account” info click the “Account” tab at the top of the page.

On your “Account” page, you can fill in your shipping address, view any linked accounts that you set up or change your password.

Again, after finishing your “Account” details click “save”.

Once you're finished setting up your “Profile” and “Account” info, let’s now navigate back to the homepage by clicking the button in the top left corner of the page.


Now for the fun part! Activities!! You can access your brand’s activities one of three ways

  1. Click the “Activities” button at the top of the page
  2. Click the “View” button next to available “Activities”
  3. Click the “View” text located to the right of “Activities”

Once you access the activities, you’ll then see a list of all the activities available to you.

Before clicking on an activity notice the details that each activity provides.

  1. Title Activity 
  2. Availability 
  3. The reward for the activity 
  4. How many times you can complete the activity

To view an activity that interests you, simply click the Activity’s box.

When you click on an activity you’ll then see the activities instructions

To complete this activity, scroll down to see how you can submit this activity’s task.

For this activity, you can submit a link to your Instagram post or pick the post directly from your timeline by clicking the “Pick from my Instagram…” button.

Once your link is added you will receive a preview of your post and can then click the “Submit” button.

When activities are submitted, an administrator at your brand will review the activity. Once the activity is approved by an administrator you will then earn your reward.

Need more information on completing activities? Check out this support article.

Lets now go into the Rewards section of your account.


To access your brand’s reward catalog, you can navigate there one of three ways.

  1. Click the Rewards button at the top of the page 
  2. Click the “View” button next to available Rewards 
  3. Click the “View” text located to the right of “Rewards”

In the rewards catalog, you’ll then see all the rewards that you can claim from your brand.

Your Rewards catalog will look something like the following.

When you earn points from activities, you can then claim the reward by clicking on any reward box.

After a reward is claimed, your reward will then be a pending reward that needs to be reviewed by your brand’s administrator or it will be issued to you in the “issued” tab shown above. 

Claiming Rewards

When rewards are issued to you, you can then claim and use your rewards.

In this walkthrough, you’ll claim a discount to use in your brand’s store.

To claim a reward,

  1. Click on the desired reward box 
  2. Click “Review” at the bottom of the page.

After you click “Review”, you’ll then be asked to “Confirm” the reward

Once your reward is “Confirmed”, the reward will be either end up in your “Pending” rewards page or your “Issued” rewards page.

Let’s now go into the last section of your ambassador portal, the referrals page.


Note: If your brand is using referral links or discount codes, you can review your referral details one of two ways

  1. At the bottom of the Homepage
  2. In the Referrals page 

Homepage View

After viewing your Referral details on the homepage, let’s now navigate to the “Referrals” page by clicking the “Referrals” button at the top.

Referrals Page

In the referrals page, you can view the following details

  1. Referral Orders Made
  2. Points Earned
  3. Points Pending
  4. Details of Referral Orders

Scroll down to view your referral links and discount codes. Here you can copy your link or discount code and then share them with your followers and friends.


Once you’ve gone through the process of submitting activities and earning points, you can also view all the points for your account by clicking your points total in the top right corner.

Here you can view all the credits and debits made in your account